Predict the Sky

Predict the Sky API

The API to find out when the weather is good enough to see cool things in the night sky, anywhere in the world.

Space & Weather

We combine global weather data with a comprehensive library of space events, from the International Space Station passing overhead to planets visible with the naked eye. Simple API calls let you find out when the next interesting space events will be visible, from any location worldwide.

Space Events

Space events are drawn from public data sources and our own planetary and moon-phase calculations. It tracks:

  • Satellites
  • International Space Station (ISS)
  • Meteor Showers
  • Lunar Eclipses
  • Planets
  • Moon phases
  • Comets
  • Iridium Flares

Global Weather Forecast

We use global weather data to tell you when the skies will be clear enough to see the stars. We combine forecast data from the Met Office and

Open Source

The API is a Flask-based Python Web application, depending on a few libraries. The code is on GitHub